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Kennel Powerun history starts from 2009. Both of us we have had sled dogs long before that, first siberian huskies and nowadays our kennel is consisting mostly with alaskan huskies. Riku has a long history on racing first with the siberian huskies (mid distance), then with sprint dogs (eurohounds) and today he is racing in long distance races, often in 8-dogs class, the distances being 200 - 550 km per race. 16 of our best dogs are in the racing team to be trained and prepared for the long distances. 

Sanna has a history as well with the siberian huskies, and normally racing in a 6-dogs class in mid distance races. This gives a good chance to take the young dogs into their first race and get to know the race routines and know how to travel. 


Some of our achievements:

Gold Rush Run 2019 "Best dog care award" / Riku

Gold Rush Run (Finnish champion) LDU 330km 1st place /Riku

Gold Rush Run MD6 2019 4th place / Sanna

Eastpoint Open (Finnish champion) LDL 2019 300km 1st place / Riku

Lapland Quest 2019 "Best dog care award" / Riku

Lapland Quest 2019 LDL 200km 1st place / Riku

Lapland Quest 2019 MD6 4th place / Sanna

Jämi-MD DRU (dry land race) 2018 1st place / Riku

Eastpoint Open (Finnish champion)  LD8 2018 185 km 1st Place / Riku

Gold Rush Run 2018 MD8 1st place / Riku

Gold Rush run 2018 MD6 3rd place / Sanna 

Gold Rush run 2018 "Best dog care" / Sanna

UkkoHalla-Paljakka ajot 2018 MD4 1st place / Sanna

Gold Rush Run 2017 MD6 2nd place / Sanna

Gold Rush Run 2016 LDU 255 km 3rd place / Riku

TobaccoTrail 2016 LD8 2nd place / Riku

Scandinavian open Championship 2015 SP8 2nd place / Riku

Scandinavian open Championship  2015 MD6 3rd place / Sanna

European Championship 2014 SP8 2nd place / Riku

World championship 2011 (Hamar / Norway ) SP8-RNB 3rd place / Riku

World championship 2007 (Åsarna, Sweden) MD4 2nd place / Riku

Over the years Riku has got 10 finnish championship medals. 






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