Our Safaris

Half day husky tour

On this safari you´ll get to mush your own team of 4-6 dogs. After the tour, we sit down by the fire with a warm drink and some snacks. Length of the route is 20 km, and it depends quite a bit of the weather, how long it takes for the whole tour, normally 1h30min. Duration of the whole program is approx. 3h. 

Price per person 230 eur when sharing a team, 285 eur with a single sled


Full day husky safari

On the whole day husky tour each one drives a team of four dogs. The route goes up and down and offers explendid views, and something to do for the mushers as well. The day offers nice time to explore the Lappish Forests, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, get happy with the dogs and for sure have a day to remember. We will make a break in the woods and the guide prepares a delicious lunch. Driving distance on the tour is appr. 35-40 km, and we'll be back at the yard in the afternoon. 

Price per person 385 eur


Long distance day tour with racing dogs

This tour is for guests with ex-experience on our Tours. Everyone will be driving with an own racing sled (model Danler Hornet) and 4 to 5 dogs from our racing team. During this tour we will drive ca. 70-80 km having some small breaks for Snacks for both ourselves and the dogs. After we return to the kennel we will have a nice lunch in the kota. Be prepared for a sporty ride for several hours. The tour takes ca. 5-6 hours.


Price per person 780 eur



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